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  1. Ok, here is the update: I changed the radiator to the back of the case, and I dismounted cooler from board and mounted it again. It's all the same, nothing changed. The noise is the same as before. I believe that pump is pumping liquid, correctly, because my temps are ok under stress test an idle. Sigh, guess I'm stuck like this
  2. When I used cpu fan connector, nothing changed. If less rpm, less noise. My radiator is on top of the chasis. I will move it on the back of the case and will post the results. Good night! :-)
  3. Ok, I just replace the cables, and when put fan on full speed, the sane noise happens. When I put it in turbo, it's better, but that is just because pump is working on 60%. Do not know what I have to do if bubbles are in question. Should I change to put radiator on the back side of case?
  4. Hello, thanks for your reply. I must say that I have already read those topic. Only hing that confuses me is that I have water pump connection on motherboard, and there I have that kind of noise when it's on 100%. I do not have option to change it in bios (or I couldn't find it), but on Asus AI suite reads around 2380 rpm when on 100%. I didn't try to put it on chasis fan 1 because i have water pump connection, but I will try that also. Also, I didn't change any values in bios, nor I overclocked something. Will try put it in different connection. At least, I know the pump is not supposed to sound like that.
  5. Hello, I have bought seidon 120V version 2 on Thursday and on the first day I have very loud sounds from pump. It's something like this: This is not my pump, but it sounds the same. Is this normal? Mine specs are: Asus Maximus VIII Ranger Intel i7 6700k Kingston Savage DDR4 8GB Seasonic g650 I connected pump into water pump connection on motherboard, and connected fan to cpu_fan connection. I have to say that I do not have problems with temperatures, My idle temp are about 32C and after an hour with prime 95 max was around 82. Only problem is that the pump is loud. I tried to reseat the pump on cpu a couple of times, with tight screws, loosen screws, put PC on the side and let it run for a couple of hours (someone said that will help), but nothing changed, even slightly. No changes in noise even little, always the same kind of noise and the same loudness. Only way I manage to reduce the noise for this loud pump is that if I install Asus AI suite III and put pump on 45%, noise is gone, temps are the same on idel and load. I do not know if this is good practice because I have never found official information if this is the right way to go. I do not want to break my pump because of that. I have to say that I install pump with tubes pointing left, and radiator is on top of the case. Case is Termaltake Versa N21. Is something I'm missing here with the pump installment? Is this normal that pump is that loud? Or should I try something else or look to bring the pump back? I live in EU, and I bought pump in the place that is very far from where I live, so the process of returning will last long, and I do not want to return it if this is normal for this pump.