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  1. The bones are finally ready
  2. Had some time to work on the engines and install one of them
  3. Making some construction supports and instaling the top piece
  4. Making some construction supports and instaling the top piece
  5. continuing with the engines
  6. The mounts for the hardware compartment the positions of the motherboard from the bottom and the top
  7. We continue with the hardware compartment, im using some random old stuff for test fit
  8. Starting with the main construction The impulse engines And problem it broke, i used a gas welder to fix it
  9. Hi everyone, i started this project about 2 months ago, but some problems stopped me from entering the competition. The build is based on the Star Trek movie and am using only hand tools. For cooling am going to make a custom loop of hard copper tubing, 2 reservoirs, a 240mm rad and 2 hand made radiators. The hardware is still unknown.
  10. Working on the hardware with some random parts for test fitting Starting to attach components Top view of the final idea And my cat realy loves it : D
  11. The work done for the 2 aquariums The inner one Work on the outer And both of them