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  1. Hello everyone! As everyone said, CM has horrible customer support, and they told me that as I live in Argentina I can't get my v850 replaced. Awesome, right? Well, as I can't do anything, I wouldn't bother loosing my warranty. So, if I open it up, what would be the most common problem that this PSUs have? If I open it, what would I have to replace to make it work again? In my case, when I jump the 2 pins it just doesn't start. The problem (as far as I know) should be near the power connector right? What could it be? Could anyone help me?
  2. Well, I've already made a post in which I said what was happening with my v850 PSU (New v850 doesn't turn on). I've made a ticket on the 17th of this month, and it still says "New". It has been almost 2 weeks by now and I'm waiting for an answer. I live in Argentina, that must be why... Anyway, I have INTERNATIONAL warranty, so they have to replace it. After a week and some days, I made a new ticket saying that I had no answer. They closed it without even writing one word saying why they closed it. If something is happening behind my monitor, I can't see it. The only thing I see is a customer waiting with their faulty product on a shelf for someone to accept their RMA request. Can a mod please reply? At least I'll know I'm not just talking to a wall.
  3. Well, I checked many times if I was doing it well. Also, as it's a modular PSU, I removed the MoBo cable if for some reason the green cable (that is black in this case) was cut inside the insulation (if that's how you say it, I'm not a native speaker), and made it contact directly. Still didn't work. I hope you get what I'm trying to say. Oh, and I grabbed another PSU that was faulty, but could turn on. I connected the pins with the paper clip and it did turn on, so I wasn't doing it wrong. Well... I hope that the waranty covers Argentina. It's a bit hard to get electronics inside my country, so they may not RMA my psu, I hope they do.
  4. These are my specs: CPU: i7 4790k Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO GPU: Nvidia ASUS Strix GTX 980 RAM: 4x 4GB DDR3 Corsair 1600 Mhz Oh, and I had also opened a thread on Tom's Hardware. And they told me that the PSU was dead, and I can confirm that it is.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm from Argentina and I bought a new v850 PSU while I was in Chile. The problem is that when I came back and plugged everything in, the PSU wouldn't turn on. So I started checking if everything was okay till 2 am, and still it didn't turn on. So, today, I tried to start it with a paper clip on the MoBo connector, and it is still not working. The fan doesn't start spinning and I can't hear that strange noise that I can't describe when you connect something to the wall. I tried it on 2 different computers, didn't work on both of them. I removed all the cables (unless the MoBo one), I used a paper clip and still, not turning on. I will try to turn it on again, because I've been reading a lot of users having to wait MONTHS for their RMA. I don't want to imagine what will happen to me, that I'm pretty far away from the US . Any suggestions? Link to an imgur album (4 photos): Thanks everyone!