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  1. Oh cool good to know, thanks. I ended up going with the Sentinel 3 looking forward to its arrival. Are there any plans to release a newer version of the reaper? I really like the look of it.
  2. Hey, I am looking to buy my first gaming mouse and have my eyes set on either the CM Storm Reaper or CM Storm Sentinel III, can anyone recommend which one they would prefer or reasons their like either. For the Reaper owners, I've read some negative comments on the mouses performance at low DPI settings and use in situations like Photoshopping editing and the like. For the Sentinel II or III owners, I've read some negative comments on the mouses lifespan and how quickly it starts to wear (usually within a year). Can anyone either confirm or deny these negative statements? Cheers
  3. Does CM offer different side panels for the Storm Scout 2 case, I was wanting one with a larger viewing window. On a side note does anyone know if the EU store ships to New Zealand? Thanks
  4. Awesome thanks, I live in New Zealand will they ship here or is there another online store I can buy these items from? Also were the screws you used for the Jetflows on the front panel a bit smaller than the threads on the Jetflow? If so, did you still use the screws and do they rattle or is the size difference irrelevant.. Thanks again you've been a huge help
  5. Hey there 3 questions regarding fans for the Storm Scout 2, firstly does anyone know where I can buy the longer screws for mounting fans onto the front of the Storm Scout 2 case, or can I somehow remove the SSD cage and use short screws from behind? Also I recently brought two Jetflow 120 fans and the screws are to big to mount on the front so I have to use them on the top or side of the case, is there anyway I can get around this and use them up front? Lastly, where can I get the stock fans that come with the case? The LED pattern seems to be different from the Sickle style and the Jetflow, but I can't seem to find any fans with LEDs that match the stock fans that come with the case? Thanks