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  1. Im in need of help with cooling, i just want air cooling.
    I got a Cooler Master 690 II case, and i want advice/ help with what i can do to make my air cooling better and more effective.

    The setup i have, as you can see in the picture:

    red is a 120mm(i think, its big), the blue is stock fans.

    And the green part is me wondering if i can remove that somehow, and put a fan up there so i got 2 fans in the front of the case!


    If you have ANY suggestions please come with them.

    I think its also important to say i would want fans that doesnt draw alot of power, because i have a amd 290 that runs on a 500W psu!

    Also stock CPU cooler, i dont think that need to be upgraded, my cpu does not get hot.