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  1. Thanks Pim, do you know if the Inferno does the same thing with storing the macros onboard? Just looking at all my options and I like the two extra buttons by the left and right click.
  2. I made a post with this question but it hasn't gotten an answer yet so maybe asking soemone who reviewed the mouse will get me an answer. Does the sentinel 3 store all your macros and stuff onboard so you can use it on another computer without the software and still have all your macros with you and ready to go?
  3. Considering buying the new Sentinel III mouse but I want to make absolutely sure of something. My question is every setting you make in the editor gets stored on board the mouse itself including macros and autofire and stuff like that? I want a mouse I can set up then use on a machine that doesn't have the software installed. Thanks in advance.