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  1. Oh. I feel for you man, that's tough. Well, i guess i have to wait. I just hope that they will be available in my country in a month or two, these are some amazing fans. I wish there was a 140mm one too.
  2. I'm from Poland. Cheapest shipment from cmstore cost 22 euro ;_; It's a lot for me, i could get another two fans for that much.
  3. That was my first choice but the shipment fee is too expensive in the cm store. That's why i'm curious about the new fan.
  4. I noticed that high rpm FP 120 appeared on main website: http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/case-fan/silencio-fp-120-pwm-performance-edition/ When can we expect them to be available in Europe and at what price? I live in Poland and it's really hard to get almost any Silencio fans. The main shops(like komputronik.pl for example) say that the distributor(ABC Data i think?) doesn't have any available anymore. What could be the reason?