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  1. That sounds like a great idea!!
  2. I like that look and if I can have that on the Cosmos II case I would jump for joy and purchase it right away!!!
  3. Chrissy M Strawn

    Haf 932

    I have had the CM 932 HAF for about 4 years. It has gone through it paces with many motherboards. Now I want to upgrade to the Cosmos II for its roominess. I like the idea of massive water cooling and many more fans. I also like the 13 HDD slots. I currently have 6 working hard drives and two blu ray burners. When I get my newest motherboard I will be sticking it into the 932 HAF Case. The reason is that this new setup will be going to my Dad. It will have an Asus Crosshair V 990FX AM3+ with 16GB of RAM DDR3. He will also get my Power Supply which is an Antec 1000 watt PSU. He will love the case. I will take my drives out and put his in. With the Cosmos II I will have it custom painted and put together in Australia by Singularity Computers. He is a case rock star!!! I will be using the Z99x motherboard for the new case. Added will be 32GB of Corsair Vengeance Memory. I will also have the best cooling system I can afford in the case to include the CPU, GPU and motherboard. That will include one fill tank for the whole system. My case colors will be purple and yellow for me and my husband respectively. The PSU cables will be purple.The outside of the case will be purple with a strong yellow undertone. It will look rad when I get it home!!! I will post photos when it arrives.