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  1. That's the same way my seidon is connected. I have tried different ways connecting it and it still sounds the same. Is it safe to reduce the pump speed to 75% in the bios?
  2. Thanks for the info I have tried all those steps including RMA and they said it was fine and the noise is nothing to worry about. I did go into the bios and change the pump speed to 75% instead of 100% and the noise disappears.... is this safe to do as I have been told this pump should be set to 100% speed in bios.
  3. Hey Guys, So I've got a seidon 120v2 water cooler in my new rig and the pump is quite noisy but all temp are fine, it's been back to the place i bought it from and they have said that its fine no leaks etc and they have told me to reduce the speed in the bios from 100% to 75%... Now I've been told that on this cooler you cannot do that... Apparently the pump is meant to be running full speed all the time. Can someone give me a definitive answer please as I keep being told so many different things....
  4. I have : Msi Krait gaming Z170 Motherboard i5 6600k OC 4.4 GHZ 16GB DDR4 Corsair 600w PSU 80+ Gold I might try moving the radiator around gently and laying the PC tower on its side
  5. Hi Guys! I installed my CM Seidon 120v v2 the other day, I plugged the radiator fan into the CPU1 fan header and the pump into a standard systemfan header. I've noticed the pump runs at a constant 2300-2350rpm... I've noticed a sort of buzzing noise.... Here's a link of the video... you need to have the volume right up to hear it...