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  1. Hi! I just bought the Mizar and i absolutely love the shape, feel and look of it for starters. However, i first tested this mouse on my Steelseries QcK mouse pad and it tracks horribly, i mean HORRIBLY. I am ware of that laser mice works best on hard surfaces but COME ON, its 2016 and ALOT of pros use laser on this pad?! I'm coming from a Sensei Raw wich I believe have the same sensor (avago adns-9800) and it tracks just fine, I even tried a friends brand new Qck and his roccat sense mat and althought it was a little better, it still stops weirdly and jitters around when flicking or just move the mouse fast. On my hard pad it tracks smoothly and all is well. So my Question is: What clothpad could I use for this mouse for it not to rebel against me? I really hate hard pads and I know i should have gone for a optical one instead, but i didnt read in on it I have tried both firmwares on the website without success and I run it on 800dpi, but same issues with higher Dpi. How about your swift-RX pad? Atleast it has a Mizar on the picture? (dont just try to sell it on me here, do someone actually KNOW it works for gaming and not only casual use in windows?) Plz help, is my sensor faulty? it's 2 days Old