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  1. Baron, That's helpful, thank you. I wasn't certain if it was water or some other working fluid in the pipes. It could have been low vapor pressure ammonia or something else with a greater working range. I was considering a solid heatsink, but the heat distribution across a high volume air duct wasn't ideal. I was hoping to avoid any mechanical moving parts in the heat transfer mechanism, so back to the drawing board.
  2. This isn't going to be used on a CPU, so it's unconventional for this board. You're right about the TEC maximum temperature, but there are high temperature ones that operate up to 200 deg C. Either way, I'll have either RTDs or thermocouples all over this setup so I'll be able to both protect components and measure the heat transfer efficiency. I'm also going to be pumping heat each way, so I'm perhaps more curious at what low temperature do the heat pipes stop operating at.
  3. I'm trying something unorthodox with a few Hyper T4's, but I need to know what is a safe operating temperature range for the heat pipes. I'll be using them for temperature control, but I may be taking them above and below what they'd normally see in the normal applications. This may involve bolting one on on each side of a TEC for a sealed air system idea.