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  1. Changing the BIOS "Power Management -> ErP" setting from Enabled to Disabled seems to stop it happening.
  2. Disabled already. I've got Hibernate, Hybrid Sleep, Fast Startup all disabled. Sleep is hidden also.
  3. Spoke too soon. Problem is back - so it is intermittent. It doesn't seem to be related to my BIOS USB xHCI settings either (I tried changing them). I think Windows forces it after boot-up somehow anyway. It's definately the Xornet II which is aggravating the problem. Disconnect it, system powers down fine, otherwise you can keep powering down your system all day, and it powers straight back up. Once you disconnect the mouse and successfully shut down, it seems a matter of chance whether you'll have the problem again after re-connect the mouse, then shutting down again. As I said previously, my previous mice never caused this, only Xornet II. lapayo - yeah, i tried changing that setting in device manager, makes no difference.
  4. Seems to have stopped doing it now. Doing a bit more research on this, it seems this *is* actually a thing - some BIOS / chipset quirk. Some Linux kernel developers discuss it here: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66171 "xhci: Fix spurious wakeups after S5 on Haswell Haswell LynxPoint and LynxPoint-LP with the recent Intel BIOS show mysterious wakeups after shutdown occasionally." I'm running Windows 10 so don't know what caused it - never seen it with the previous mice I've used. I just know that after many attempts, if you unplugged the mouse it shut down properly. I had previously changed my USB 2.0 ports to explictly be in xHCI mode in the BIOS as well (less CPU usage).
  5. With the Xornet II mouse connected to my PC, whenever I power off my PC through Windows within about 5 secs it immediately powers itself back on again. It'll keep doing this until you click the power off button in Windows, then immediately disconnect the Xornet II. I'm using Xornet II firmware 1.02 and application 1.00. I've reset all the Xornet II configuration back to the factory defaults. I'm using a Gigabyte H87N-WIFI motherboard with the latest BIOS (F9). ERP setting in BIOS is enabled (which implicitly disables power on by mouse). This happens on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. Has anyone else encountered a problem like this? I've never seen it before with any other mice. Quite an annoying problem.