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  1. Too bad to hear about your H110i. It's a nice stuff. The CM unlike Corsair doesn't offer pump speed profile through software. The pump only operates at full speed. Generally the fans are powered into cpu fan/cpu opt fan headers for speed control. But if you want you can power the pump into cpu fan header. In the bios goto the Q-Fan control: https://techgage.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/ASUS-X99-DELUXE-EFI-Q-Fan-Control.jpg You can set the pump header as full speed or PWM. Both settings the fan header will provide full 12V. I'm not sure but I guess that the cpu fan and cpu opt fan headers share the same speed control. So if the pump and the fans are powered into cpu fan and cpu opt fan headers set the cpu fan control as PWM. The 4-pin fans will operate with speed control and pump as full speed.
  2. I don't own the ML240R but I will share my finds. The fans and the pump are powered in two motherboard fan headers. Mind that the pump header must provide 12V. You may need to disable fan control on the pump header in your motherboard’s BIOS. Alternatively, if your motherboard does not support ARGB lighting, the packaging includes a dedicated ARGB controller for the pump and the fans. The controller has two connectors, the sata cable for power and the motherboard micro USB for software control. Well you will have some fun doing the cable management though: Cooler Master made a video about the controller set up: https://youtu.be/zN80tUbl4T0 The below review shows features about the software for the lights: https://www.modders-inc.com/cooler-master-masterliquid-ml240r-rgb-aio-cpu-cooler/3/
  3. Well, I'm not familiar with the 9900K but I will share my finds. First just make sure if the pump is powered at 12V. I would say yes that temperatures seems fine under Prime95. Mind that the latest releases uses AVX instructions which tipically produces unrealistically high temperatures. And temperatures may vary according to the silicon lottery. Look at page 4 to 6 for temperatures under 240 and 360 radiators: https://download.msi.com/archive/mnu_exe/pdf/MSI-Z390-Overclocking-Guide.pdf This is another temperature comparison: https://static.techspot.com/articles-info/1730/bench/Temps.png According to another owner H150i (360 radiator) stock settings 84 C under Prime95 (source here).
  4. The pump doesn't showing up means there likely was a failure at the pump or at the conector wires. There is nothing you can do about this. I would recommend avoid to keep using it and look for a replacement.
  5. Connect the fans into cpu fan/cpu fan opt header. Connect the pump into W_pump. In the bios you find the Q-Fan Control. Just let the cpu fan in the standard mode and pwm:
  6. No you can't cut the protruded heatpipes. The heatipes contains a fluid or gas inside wich evaporate easily. This is a picture of a damaged 212 Evo heatpipes: https://hosting.photobucket.com/albums/zz151/VwXPwnIN/IMG_20140806_120417175_zps69b9d2a2.jpg
  7. Well, I can only help you here in the forum's thread. What is your motherboard and cpu?
  8. What is your motherboard and cpu? Are the fans powered into the cpu fan header with speed control enabled? Please could you print with the HwMonitor showing the temperatures and the fans speed? I would like to see the processor temperature and the fan rpm under that noise.
  9. Yes, the Hyper T4 is compatible with AM4 out of the the package. The AM4 mounting system is the same as used for the AM3. However for AMD sockets you can only mount the CPU cooler vertically:
  10. The regular Hyper 212 Evo like the previous releases uses the X-bracket mounting system. That makes the installation a bit difficult and trick. The new mounting system is a breeze to install, much easier then the old releases. According to the below review both perform about the same but the SF120R is quieter then the Xtraflo: https://pcper.com/2019/02/cooler-master-hyper-212-rgb-black-edition-air-cooler-review/
  11. What's your motherboard? The pump fan header must operate at full speed. You may need to disable fan control on the pump header in your motherboard’s BIOS.
  12. Is the pump running at full speed? Did the gaming temperatures raise up? Lay the case down flat and let see if the pump comes quiet.
  13. The pump is designed to run at full 12V. You may need to disable fan control on the pump header in your motherboard’s BIOS.
  14. Yes you can power the pump into the cpu fan header. Technically does not matter where the pump header comes from as long it provides 12V. The molex power adaptor is only required by the included RGB controller.
  15. The ML240L RGB V2 will require two fan headers one for the fans and one for the pump. The fans can be powered into cpu fan header with the provided 2-way fan splitter. The pump can be powered in any connector as long as it provides full 12V (fan control disabled). Both the fans and the pump is connected to the provided 3-way RGB splitter cable and attached to the 4-pin motherboard RGB header: