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  1. The firmware update installed fine for me, only required the one attempt. The mouse seems to have remembered its previous settings, so I did not install the settings software. Did one reboot, and the mouse movement tracking was immediately fine. On the previous firmware v1.03, I had to physically move the mouse around, while powering up / booting, to avoid tracking issues, so this issue seems to be fixed. Over on overclock. net, a user has reported an unstable polling rate issue, that was recognized previously, but not fixed in this firmware update. Motion seems smooth to me, so it's off to play some games!
  2. Installed FW1.03 and software 1.09. The previous on-board mouse settings were maintained as they were, from before flashing the new firmware. The Xornet II still stutters and tracks erratically after start-up, unless the mouse is being moved during start-up. Unplugging and re-plugging the mouse, or restarting the PC, while keeping the Xornet in motion, will restore good tracking. Frankly, FW 1.03 doesn't seem any different from FW 1.02, to me. I only played with the new software a few minutes, before uninstalling it again, since my old settings were still in effect.
  3. New firmware 1.03 and software 1.09 are now available. Will test.
  4. I just got my new Xornet II today. As a long time Spawn user, I was looking forward to an updated mouse, feature-wise, with the same familiar shape that I love. I have made a few of the same or similar experiences as other users: - The firmware update failed on first attempt, in spite of making sure it was a USB 2.0 port. I had to unplug and re-plug the mouse, to get it to detect again. The second firmware update attempt was successful. - I then installed the software, adjusted my settings, played around with the mouse to test, and uninstalled the software. Everything seem to be working fine. I set all three DPI's to 750, 500 Hz polling, low LOD, and assigned the keyboard function "1" and "2" to the DPI buttons, as is usual for me. - Due to the way my desk is set up, and the Xornet II's cord length, I needed to add a 2 ft. USB extension, to be able to have a full range of mouse motion. Apparently, removing and re-applying power to the mouse caused it to get its tracking parameters scrambled and cursor mouse tracking was horribly jumpy and intermittent. Following a tip on the OCN forums, I unplugged and re-plugged the mouse, while moving it, and this seemed to restore normal tracking. Since I had re-assigned the DPI up/down buttons to keyboard functions, I apparently could not do the "LOD tuning" by pressing and holding the DPI-down button and scrolling. I don't know if the erratic tracking issues were even due to the LOD setting or something else in the settings, because tracking seemed to work just fine on the low setting, before uninstalling the software. Perhaps it is an auto-tuning feature upon power-up, as others have suggested. I would echo the comments of others regarding the UI to the software: - The gray font used makes it look like the function is not available - The button's graphic should change when clicked, to indicate that the click was actually recognized and the function executed, especially important for the "Apply" button. So, it seems we are off to a slightly rocky start with the Xornet II firmware and software, with both having some minor issues, that will hopefully be addressed soon. For me, the current workaround, to get the tracking working right again (moving the mouse, as the USB cable is plugged in), is just a minor annoyance, and certainly not a deal-breaker. The tracking is excellent, once you get past this initial phase.