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  1. First read than click "SUPPORT"
  2. Does GM series need this stuff in personal opinion? it would add profit and a bit of price... also how about "V" series? has this stuff? Custom DC-DC Module It isnt even enough to reduce real overcurrent voltage for protection??? While connected with the 24pin connector on the motherboard it fried my Mobo PCB & RAM Slots chipset GPU (soldering lanes)... ONLY my CPU arround the socket was FINE just because my motherboard dindnt want to POWER on its a REV 1.03 Asus Z170 Chipset ugh CPU & GPU are FINE! and i was trying to reseat RAM soo yep it didnt had any RAM installed. Early Skylake boards and voltage problems Asus, Asrock & stuff: Fans don't turn off while system while is off (I did notice with the same Skylake Asus Z170 chipset board) 24pin connector was blinking to orange, white, red RAM issues while powering on the system POST code 99-69 SLI/Multi GPU did not even work, Asus board didnt LIKE it... I should of contacted Asus and noticed this but i only powered it on for the FIRST time a couple of months ago... Now i builded a new pc from the ground and well yeah there was a problem with that 24pin connector tied to the Asus motherboard: Issues MONTHS ago! Yes this is a short on the 24pin connector, yes this is the 3rd party's fault...
  3. Uhh really? i used to run my I7 3930K (well it is an freakin 6 core monster) up to 4.4 1.304V
  4. Apperently bad thing happend between motherboard and PSU overvoltage/current on 24pin, Excellent helpful and friendly Cooler Master support helped me, even with how to RMA my 3rd party Motherboard...