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  1. How do you lower it ? If i connect the pump on the cpu_fan or opt, Fan xpert 2 tell me i cant change the speed of my pump. If i put in turbo mode, or other mode, the pump still run at 2700 rpm. I am on an Asus motherboard
  2. So the seller will RMA me a new one. I might have tight too tard the screw when i installed it, so my P8z77-v have bent and broken socket pin. And my Cpu memory controler doesnt work anymore ( Dual Channel wont boot, only single mode now) Sigh....
  3. Now it broke my computer. My P8z77-V and 3770k doesnt work anymore. I wake up, found my computer shut down. Dismount the Aio, replace it with an aircooler. Computer still doesnt work....
  4. Is there any way to lower the pump rpm or voltage. I am currently in 12V with 2700rpm. My motherboard is an Asus P8Z77-V. I can control my fans but not the pump Edit: currently i have this noise from the pump even with case closed. I dont have the hummmmmm sound (must be coming from the micro), but only the slight rattling noise (i dont have the water noise.) Even if it is slight , i remember in the computer shop, the different AIO (CM and other brand) didnt make any noise. From their windows case, you can only hear the flow of air. I installed my Nepton directly in the case without shaking it or letting bleeding. Should I do it ?
  5. If i put my ear on the pump, i can hear a slight rattling noise but once i am just in front with the case open/close, i hear nothing. Anyway, it was a gift from my family and i am really happy with the silence and cooling it provides (i replace the fan by the Be quiet ones) Edit: Hm, now i can hear a slight rattling with case closed, it is a little bit frustating. I will wait a few days and try to shake the pump to get rid of air bubbles (if it is the cause to the rattling sound.
  6. If i put my case on the desk. 20cm from me. I can hear the buzzing sound even with the case closed. So i dont think it a tiny noise but again, i am really audio sensitive. I am going to ask to the seller if they can replace it I just remenber, i check some Aio in a computer shop a few weeks ago, and they were no rattling/buzzing noise coming from their computer Edit: Problem solved. Before i went sleeping, i put my case on his lateral side. And in the morning, no more buzzing sound or little rattling, Even if i put back in his initial position So my guess, it must be some bubble who were stuck in the pump.
  7. Hello I have a Nepton 240m since two days. The case is under my desk , 50 centimeter away. It is silent. But when i opened my case up,and placed my ear at 10cm, i can hear a buzzin sound coming for the pump. Is it normal ? I have the same noise as this video : While i was installing , i notice the sound of water in the radiator. My tower case is a Fractal R4, installed in the front, in pull/push configuration Pump pin connects to the Cpu Fan Pin. Fan Xpert report 2700 rpm so i think it is at full speed. Cooling is okay, i have lower temp compare to an old aircooling. Thanks for your help edit: i check noise on the pump on some review video, and theirs are completly silent