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  1. Finally, it seems that I'm unable to request a RMA. In fact, on my product page, all I can do is upload the receipt although I did it already. However, there's no RMA Request button. I think I will contact the support after they End of the year break to fix this problem.
  2. Thanks for the link. I will check it and do the necessary.
  3. Thanks for that first answer. Too bad the mouse is about to die. But I have check the Warranty notice and it looks like RMA can be done within two years after the material has been bought so I might try this option for it.
  4. Hey there ! Back in 2014 (23 January), I bought a CM Storm Devastator Combo. I was quite satisfied with it but I have never fully appreciated it because of some minor problems. Sometimes, the I or Space bar key would stood blocked in pressed position or the LMB would work weirdly or the MMB wouldn't work at all while the wheel would make a weird noise when used. But it happened only sparsely and I didn't find it worth getting a replacement product. As time as passed, it has gone worse. The I and the space bar still get stuck from time to time but, well, I have get used to it. The worst part is with the mouse. The Middle Mouse Button (The one "under" the wheel then) don't work at all for a few days now and that's quite annoying as the MMB is a button I use a lot ! And if sometime, I get it to work with mere chance, it will triple click ! It's almost two years since I bought it (I'm in France so I bought it from a French retailer) so I probably can't do a RMA but do you have tips that I could follow to try and fix it ? It's a good mouse overall despite it's small flaw and it is a really good gear for this price range so I want to keep it as long as I can but these problems start to be more and more present and really annoying.