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  1. Have you checked all the options under your rma ticket submission? sometimes when they respond it is in a different subsection of the rma return options after you log in. RMA ticket; open case; etc. it is not exactly user friendly you have to dig to find the supplemental comments.
  2. Unfortunately Cooler Master has had to deal with a situation concerning a trademark issue which is why we cannot get resolution unless they offer some other settlement to the best of my knowledge. More in depth information can be had by searching for the issue online. Cooler Master makes good gear and I do not know the details but it is unfortunate.
  3. I too have had to return my 120V. After a full month of waiting for a replacement I receive the we are running behind notice... btw that message stays up on the RMA page all year round not just the holidays... I find it hilariously disturbing I can buy the same unit and have it in two days yet a month later I finally get a message saying oh we are experiencing delays. ThIS is after 2 weeks ago CMUSA Patrick in writing told me it would be shipped by the end of the week. Interesting is it not?