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  1. I'm referring to the cooling tower itself. When looking at the top plate of the cooling tower in your picture, you see the notched area that allows access to the retaining bolt is facing your exhaust fan. It should be facing your RAM Modules. The fins of the cooling tower on this side have been notched so the tower will easily sit over your RAM Modules.
  2. With respect to your picture, you may have mounted the cooler backwards. The product descriptions I've read state the cooler should hang over your ram modules and the fins are notched to accommodate high profile ram modules. If I'm correct, then you'd have plenty of room for the second fan.
  3. I'm considering purchasing this cooler for my upcoming build and had a couple questions concerning the fan mounts. Primarily, I'm looking to add a little bling to the cooler and was wondering if the fan mounts would be compatible with 2x CM JetFlo or SickleFlow (or combination of both) 120mm red LED fans? Furthermore, would the upgrade significantly reduce the cooler's effectiveness?