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  1. Would LI 900 (the material used to craft space shuttle thermal tiles) work as a cpu cooler? I've seen video of people pulling red hot tiles out of an oven and handling them with their bare hands. It transfers heat to the inside which could easily be piped out with some metal inserts linked to a traditional heatsink making it the ultimate in cpu cooling. The material is an insulator rather than a conductor, I looked into buying one for testing but they're a tad pricey.
  2. I went ahead and mounted a fan on the rear just to test it, works pretty well so I'm probably going to leave it this way...
  3. Here's the last 3 steps from the manual, it's definitely mounted properly, I believe the notched area you're talking about is to clear vrm coolers, my mobo (MSI 990fxa-gd65v2) has a vrm cooler but it's not super tall.
  4. No it's definitely mounted the right way (it's shown that way on the package), the side the fan mounts to has curved fins (I think to make it more like a wing with less drag than a standard flat fin, each half is curved differently to maximize this effect), though in my case I could mount another fan it would literally be face to face with my exhaust.
  5. Also a fan of the jetflo 120 and would like to see it offered in a 140mm and a 200mm option.
  6. Mine, showcasing all my cm jetflo 120 fans and my Hyper 612 heatsink. The dual fan compression resulted in more airflow directed at the cpu.
  7. I have a Hyper 612 with a cooler master jetflo 120 mounted with the plastic brackets as I don't think the metal ones will work as the screw design is enclosed with the jetflo 120, but it works great, the jetflo 120 has a high static pressure meaning more push compared with the stock fan and my FX8350@4.4ghz reaches almost 50 degrees overclocked and overvolted, I actually suggested cm offer the jetflo with the hyper 612 as a performance option. They work very well together, idle my cpu is around 24 degrees (almost room temp). I had to tape 4 small pieces of carboard right near the screws on the inside of the fan to get it to mount tightly as there was a small gap making the fan bracket slightly loose. I think you can mount a fan on the rear of the heatsink (not a jetflo 120) but it gets pretty close to the rear exhaust fan already (really really close depending on your case). In total in my Core V71 case I have 5 jetflo 120's, one on the cpu cooler in pwm mode, one rear exhaust on a 3pin header with 19db adapter, and 3 intake (also on 3pin headers w. 19db adapters), one top front acting as a compressor at the top of the 200mm on the inside of the case and 2 lower intake fans. After testing one I bought 6 more, I have 2 extras just in case, don't know about longevity with these yet but they are a great fan.