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  1. Really?? hmm I thought my pump was powerful hahaha. Here read this thread its exactly about your concerns Simply put it shouldn't be left at max but I suggest read this thread on the forums to get a better idea. However I do suggest thoroughly read the provided manual or send CM a ticket about this issue as you dont want to breach your warranty or something silly. Sorry I couldnt be of more help my coolers pumps seems to have been built to run at one speed so I cannot be sure with you far more powerful pump.
  2. Hey there Dex. As Far as your pump goes by letting its speed drop you will incur air bubbles which is bad so try keep your pumped at its suggested rpm. My 240m has had issues when my last psu had it run 300 rpm to slow and I incurred air bubbles. This however fixed itself in a few days when run at its proper 2900 rpm.
  3. I did a major mistake and jumped on the fx8350 boat before we really knew the issues with the 970 series. So yea I own a 8350 and I have found it a solid processor. I dont see a reason to change it so I am just upgrading my board to a board that can actually handle the voltages needed. I see no real reason to go intel when my 8350 performs so well, haven't had issues with gaming on ultra from 2015 so I am happy with the years left in it. I did ask toms hardware some said just go saber for the amazing quality and performance compared to my other options. Sorry for my reply format I am a little tipsy from xmas dinner haha.
  4. In regards to upgrading my board I am currently looking at 990fx series boards as they were built specifically for the fx8350. Also I am loving the nepton 240m, its amazing, so quite, so efficient. Will suggest to anyone looking for a 240 radiator cooler. Currently deciding between a sabertooth rev2 and msi 990fxa gaming. (only options in my country) Msi board can go to 4.6Ghz where as I heard the saber can go to 5.0Ghz. However the saber is 80 dollars more so still researching if the performance difference is true.
  5. I need to upgrade my mobo... it has a terrible amount of faults but until then thanks for the help.
  6. Okay so I swoped the fans into system fan1 which 4 pin and the pump into the cpu fan header. Below is the results the pumps running at the same speed however even though the system fan header that I am using now is 4 pin I am unable to pwm so I am stuck at 1500 range. Any idea how I can pwm them? speedfan has no effect.
  7. I just ran a stability test with amd overdrive, the pump and fans performed well. My only issue is that temp 2 which hit 70+. Not sure what to do with that as touching the back of my case it seems to be the northern region near/above the processor. However in terms of the pump and fans it seems to be fine still. Downloaded msi command centre and below in the red box is what happened as I started it... Hope my pumps fine.. In fact my psu now makes a light crackling sound... when I started my msi command center it said wrong voltage then forced to me to correct... I regret downloading the program quite a bit now.. Not sure if I have to buy a whole new psu..
  8. Heres the thing: I have the fans to the cpu fan header and I can pwm with speedfan(sound issue fixed). if you look at this you will see my fans are around 1400 and something else is 2800. I assume the 2800 is my pump so surely using a system fan point is fine for my pump? Must say no idea what temp 2 is exactly maybe my north bridge but it sure does heat up fast even when nothing else does. Also since my last post I reinstalled my radiator on top of my fans, it helped temp 2 a bit.
  9. system fan header is only 3 pin though so I couldn't put man fans to that, however the pump pin only has 3 pins so I can put it there. Limitations of my msi board. But I see what you mean. I hope someone with experience with a board like mine can help. I also learnt that at load my sensor at the top of my board which seems to be closet to my radiator hit 77 at 1200 rpm so I maxed out my fans and it dropped to 57. The problem is I can have the radiator on top and fans below as the sealed inlet valve clashes with my case. But atm I am more concerned with how I plugged in everything, as you have pointed out using a system fan pin may cause issues. One guide suggested putting the pump to a direct 4 pin adapter from my psu to give it 12v however I am not to sure about this.
  10. How would I do so? Never needed to do it before.
  11. Attached is an image of where I connected the y connector and my pump as well as an image of my fans speeds. How do I drop these, i mean they are loud at these crazy speeds. I am pretty sure I plugged everything in right as I put my y connector to the cpu fan header and I put the pump to a system fan header(my board only has 1 cpu fan header). The pump is running nice and quit and keeping my cores chilled at 30C when at load of 4.0GHz. The only thing is that tmp2 goes to 63 while temp1 and 3 never cross 50(doubt I need to be concerned). My main concern is why the fans are running so fast, this is my first liquid cooler so controlling the fan speed is all new to me. If Anyone could tell me whats up or how I can use speedfan to drop my fans from 2400 and 2900 I would appreciate it. Edit: after playing around I see that the 2400 was my fans(dual linked which makes sense) so I dropped them to 1400(dead silent). It seems the 2900 is my pump, as stated before I used a system fan pin which are at 65%, should I leave it or max?
  12. I have just installed a 240m and my fans way really fast in deal. I mean the one fans at 2900 rpm and making crazy sound. I am using the why connector as I only had 1 cpu fan power port. In the picture provided you will see the 2nd fan is at 2400 rpm which seems to be much softer. Is the one fan at full rpm because it is connected to the 3 wire clip of the y connector?