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  1. Not sure i can answer with the NDA, but the polling rate is not something i tested (how do you test this ?), for lift off see #72 This is the issues i had with the previous firmware (software and firmware combined) >
  2. I'm probably blind but i don't see it. But not much to report anyway, the new fw seem to have fixed all issues.
  3. Open to anyone? Would like to test and feedback if possible, mine is still in its box since 07/12/2015 cause of tracking issue.
  4. Ok.. looked like you was sure they was going to release it.. It would be a good mouse for sure and i would probably update the xornet as well. But with a good firmware and software update i would still take the xornet 2 anyday before my 2nd best mouse (zowie fk), so there no other choice atm. Fingers crossed for the V1.03.
  5. They confirmed they will reboot the spawn as well, or you just wish they will ?
  6. Same, still in da box since i bought it. And every mail notif from this thread make me believe to a release..
  7. Nice, definitely looking forward to it !
  8. Hi, i just bough a Xornet II two days ago, pretty good mouse i would say but i have some problems with the software v1.0 - Fw v1.2. To keep it short, the few bug i noticed : - "Apply" boutton has a really weird behaviour, hard to say if it really apply the settings or not, there no blinking or any other feedback when you clic on it, but the white line arround the button disapear if you double clic it.. this feedback is important otherwise it look like the soft has freezed or not apply the setting. - "Lock OS Setting" doesn't work, i m still able to change and save them on windows parameter and even after reboot they're still saved. - LED mode "Rapid fire" doesn't work at all, light is always on, no matter how many time i try to change it. - "Automatically start on windows startup" do nothing, it always start on windows startup anyway, and very important not minimized in taskbar like any good auto start soft should do. - And the worse part, sometime the mouse is totally unuseable (most of time after a reboot) because of the "Sensor lift off distance" setting , i have to plug an other mouse to take back control of the cursor. Weird thing is sometime it track perfectly on Low/ Middle/ High, sometime it doesn't track at all on low and barely track on middle, this on full black cloth mousepad that never had tracking issues with any other mice on avago sensor. Since the mouse is all new i hope it's just some teething troubles and futur soft / firmware will fix it, i would be very sad to leave this mouse just because of bug, first time i find a mouse that fit so well in my hand.