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  1. i dont know how but the pump fixed it self and now is completly silent.. maybe air bubbles escaped somehow even from the whole system.
  2. And the rattling comes back again, definetly i am aiming for refund, my last CM watercooler. Goodluck to all who wants to buy this piece of s*it product.
  3. I got great temps with my nepton so the temps aren't my problem, the problem is pump slightly rattling, i managed to lower its rattling noise by not shuting down pc for 48h but it seems that there are more air or bubbles in the loop.. i don't know what to do.
  4. in bios you got PWN mode and DC mode when you select DC mode pump is going down to 2200-2300rpm and fans are going up to 1500rpm temp stays same but even with those rpm i can hear rattling when i go close to the case so definetly RMA again.. really disappointed from this product.. big fail because this is my second and now i need to try 3rd one and if that one is fail too than that will be my last CM product.
  5. at full speed pump is running with 2900-2950rpm so i am afraid to lower its speed.. someone help should i lower speed to 2300rpm or RMA this cooler again ?
  6. Pump is running at full speed from day 1 so it never runned that low, lowest was 2200rpm and that was only in bios, after that i set it to full speed again.
  7. Connected pump into system fan and run it at full speed no change, also unscrew abit and again no change, pump is only silent when case is upside down and when i put it upside down it makes swoosh sound for about 10-15min and then completly silent and after back to normal position its rattling again. i will rma it anyway, its my second nepton 240m with same problem definetly poor quality control, in future i will think twice on buying coolermaster product.
  8. asus bios settings, 1.standard 2.silent 3.turbo 4.fullspeed 5.manual and its full speed selected PWN, also have some DC mode and when i select DC pump goes down to 2200-2300rpm and i don't hear anything like rattling its silent like that and temp was good too but it everyone says if it doesn't run at full speed it can damage the pump so i run it at full speed.
  9. Pump is connected to CPU_OPT and its on full speed, and fans are on CPU_FAN and its speeding up depending on temperature. I'll try to loose screws and see what happens.
  10. I put my case upside down and pump is making random swoosh sounds and it isn't rattling and buzzing now only swooshing at random, should i leave it like this for 1 day or shouild i put it in normal position ?
  11. Its pull configuration on fans.. approx 30hours without shuting down my pc and pump still rattles i think this one is faulty pump too or to much air in the system.. i am going to RMA this one too and see what happens with 3rd if not then i am getting refund.
  12. Hi mohd noh, my system specs: i7 4790K @ stock but great temps with the nepton 240m, Asus Maximus VII Hero Kingston HyperX Beast 2400MHZ 2x8GB Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming Gigabyte ODIN 700W PSU Samsung 840EVO 250GB SSD 1TB HDD WD EZEX Blue Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced with nepton mounted on the top.
  13. This is my first post so hello to all and happy new year. As the title says i got a problem with my brand new cooler master nepton 240 and the problem is that the pump is rattling constantly and its set full speed in bios. This is my second CM Nepton 240m, i also got the same problem with the first one and i got replecament under warranty but the second have same problem, cooler is working approx 15h nonstop and rattling is still there so i want to know what should i do, should get another replecament or request full refund from the seller because i got 2 faulty products both with same peoblem.