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  1. Yeah it is placed correctly and it sadly still does it, must be some sort of production error with my case, gonna contact the store i bought it at, sadly they dont have them in stock before the new year, so guess im gonna have to get my money back. A shame since besides the problem with mine i really love the case.
  2. Im guessing this is a good place to ask this, but when my "back" side panel is secured in with the screws there is still quite a bit of play, which seems to result in the panel rattling when you push in on it, the side panel with the window is just fine. https://youtu.be/pQTHG5eT9bs Made a short clip to show a bit better what i mean and hope someone can tell me if its an issue with my case or just how that panel is build.
  3. Picked up my MasterCase Pro 5 today and noticed pretty fast that the back side panel, even when secured with the thumb screws doesnt seem to fit right, if you push on it it wobbles and rattles, kinda concerned that it would rattle when i transfer my hardware and fans to it. Is this a fault with my case or just how it is? Made a small clip showing what i mean: https://youtu.be/pQTHG5eT9bs