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  1. Thank you very much for responding. Is there anything else I can do to help? Just in case, I'm uploading my system information from dxdiag. I know I've read the old version of software interfered with the corsair software, so maybe that will help. DxDiag.txt
  2. I've updated the firmware and software with the recent versions. None of the issues I've reported seem to have been resolved. My main workaround still works fine; re-run LOD tuning when I first start up. I also have to keep the LOD setting on the mid level (using the button bound LOD tuning function on the mouse, I keep the software uninstalled due to the windows startup bug). *Sometimes* the Low setting works great, othertimes it causes skipping and loss of tracking. Still love the mouse, I can't use anything else outside of the xornet/spawn mice due to the shape being perfect for my grip. Just providing some more feedback.
  3. Last update: I really seems like the problem is only on windows startup with the LoD setting. I've been re-running the LoD tuning as soon as my pc starts up and after that I have no issues. Maybe something is clearing the onboard LoD tuning.
  4. Update: I'm fairly certain the problem is being caused by the mouse losing the LoD tuning when the computer turns on. Currently when I turn the pc on, the tracking feels terrible. Then I re-tune to my mouse mat (activate tuning mode, move it around in a figure 8 for a while, hit the tuning button again) and everything feels great. I don't even have to launch the software.
  5. Thank you for the reply! To clarify: The software opens when windows launches, and the issues are there. I have to close the software, then re-open it to fix the issues. I'll do some additional testing after work today and post more findings.
  6. So far loving the Xornet II. Switched from my beloved spawn. However, I'm having a lot of difficult when my Windows 10 (using the 1.02 firmware, 1.0 software) machine boots up. It's difficult to describe, but it feels like the sensor settings get corrupt every time my computer boots up. I have to restart the Xornet software to make it feel right again. Usually includes some combination of the following symptoms: 1) Cursor feels less smooth than normal (could be polling rate?) 2) LoD is set super super low, to the point the mouse no longer tracks 3) Buttons assigned to the DPI buttons get changed (for example, I mapped 1, 2 to the buttons, restarted my machine, and ended up with x, y mapped to the buttons) I suspected this was the software, but it continued after I uninstalled it (the button reassignment was solved, however). I've seen another thread over at overclock.net (http://www.overclock.net/t/1577222/cooler-master-xornet-ii-review) with posts reporting similar issues also on windows 10 with the 1.02 firmware. The only other thing I can think of is the first time I attempted to update the firmware it failed. I unpulgged and re-plugged in the mouse, tried again, and it worked.