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  1. It's all good but, but still no replacement for my cosmos front panel. I think that cooler master has stopped producing the front panel for the cosmos 1000. An upgraded version to USB 3 would be very nice, but I can't even get the original on anywhere. I can only hope the power button never gives up. By the way, you wrote "it follows the width of any 3.5" hard drive" but does it follow the 4 important screw fittings which every 3.5" hard drive has?
  2. Hello Bounty Hunter, Thank you for your reply The 3,5" USB 3.0 Bracket (FREE SHIPPING!) is an option, I just wondered is the HAF 912 5.25" USB 3.0 bracket may fit? I would in general prefer a I/O panel as replacement or as a USB 3.0 upgrade and I have a big budget for it but no supply. The SSD bracket looks nice but may not fit, as the HDD on the Cosmos has HDD caddy's whish mount the HDD from the bottom onto the caddy. But if you say it fits, I will give it a go.
  3. Dear Cosmos Owners, Wouldn't the world be a better place and wouldn't you be able to sleep a little tighter if you would know that your investment into a cosmos case was an investment for the future as well as the present? Yes I do think so, but Cooler Master does not support your dreams. Yet having build the most endurable Case the cosmos one series, Cooler Master has not seen the marketing value of producing upgrade parts for cases which would upgrade your aging case like your old beloved Cosmos. In my opinion, producing upgrade products like a USB 3.0 I/O control panel and selling it for a premium would boost the image of all cosmos case platforms. Producing suitable SSD carriers for the Cosmos one series and its HDD Carrier bays. Please lovely Cooler Master Case Design Team Let Dreams come true boost your image within the Gaming community. And If you don't maybe some one else will take the chance to earn a bob or two. Happy times Please support this post