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  1. I just got the old COSMOS II again as I couldn't find anything else on the market that could be modified to meet my needs and it was on a slight sale $275. I've cut some holes for fans out of the top bays and now I'm adding sound proofing before I reassemble it and put in all Noctua fans. I need about 11 fans so I need them as quiet as possible. I just ordered the 200mm Noctua - not sure if it will fit or not but I'm anxious to find out. I'm also replacing the prewired hotswap wiring with standard ports in the back so I can connect the system to a real array controller. Every time I work on these cases it takes days to get right for my needs but completely worth it. I'll have 16 12TB hard drives in the system with an additional hot swap bay and an optical bay with one 5.25" bay to spare for future needs. I can't even get close to that with the new case - I just wish it had current connectors on the power panel.
  2. Thanks - so just to be sure - you are talking about the 200mm fan in the front you tested and it fits? The screw mounts are in different places and the fan is a little thicker I think
  3. I'm building my second Cosmos II pc and want to replace every fan if possible with a noctua. Anyone try to fit a NF-A20 FLX in the case? I know the stock one is essentially frameless - not the standard square fan frame. I'm curious if it can fit.
  4. I've seen the new Cosmos case and it is a step backwards in my opinion and unusable for my needs but it does have an updated front connector panel. Any chance one will be available for the Cosmos II? I need at least 15 3.5" drives and managed to modify my Cosmos II to hold them and cool them well - the new C700p would be far to much work and I doubt I could mod it to hold them.
  5. Any news on a Cosmos III

    Some things I'd like besides the additional wiring space are quieter drive bays e.g. rubber sliders and even more bays. I ended up custom modding mine to add some on the deck below the motherboard.
  6. Any news on a Cosmos III? I have the Cosmos II and am ready to build a new computer. I'd love a little more wiring space in the back of my next system. I thought I'd see if there was any news on a Cosmos III.
  7. Hello, I have a few CM 690 II PCs and was ready to build a new PC for a friend but can't find the CM 690 II Advanced anywhere and for some reason they took the top loading slot out of the 690 III ?!!! Can you tell me what cases have top loading sata bays? This is the reason I'm getting a coolermaster is to get that top drop for sata. If Coolermaster no longer makes any such cases, I'll be open to other manufacturers. Thanks