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  1. Hi Yea I know that. My question is: is there Cooler master LED PWM fan that comes with led on/off function? PWM means high performance fans, aint silent fan which scout 2 included fan
  2. Be honest, actually I have CM stuff such as: CM Storm Scout 2 KWN1 version CM 212X Turbo Several White led 120mm fans (1200 RPM) with LED on/off function I am afraid to use no any water cooling yet. Base on GO GREEN and save energy and cost, It looks like All cooler would come with led on/off function. You know sometimes we wanna turn on all led for many reason. But I dont see the way to turn them on all day everyday. Then I found cooler master has Silent fans with led on/off function which is just around 1200RPM and low CFM, for 80mm and 120mm, you may check them on cmstore Now Im looking for CM PWM Led fan 120mm (High Perf: 2000RPM/more than 80CFM) with Led on/off function. What I want is just like Jetflo 120mm white led perform, but with additional led on/off function. Is there any such fan? What series? Or Cooler Master may has plan to make that kind of fan? So I have to wait? I dont use any other manufacturer's fans. Thanks for all responses And thanks to CM for GREAT achievement it has been doing