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  1. Cooler Master Eisberg 240 Leaked and killed Motherboard

    Good luck, I have a RMA from October of 2015 that hasnt been taken care of yet.
  2. 4 week+ RMA?

    Same deal here, They said my good would be shipped October 6, 2015. Finally was offered a paypal refund, but still have not seen it.
  3. 2 months so far for an RMA?

    Another week......no word on my replacement.
  4. 4 week+ RMA?

    You are lucky at 5 weeks...im now over 18 weeks waiting on my replacement.
  5. 2 months so far for an RMA?

    It has now been 4 weeks since i gave Patrick my RMA number to check in on this. And over 3 months since i sent my RMA in. Someone PLEASE give me some info on my RMA.
  6. 2 months so far for an RMA?

    Any info yet Patrick? I sent you the RMA number a week ago, and have not heard one thing.
  7. 2 months so far for an RMA?

    I pm'ed you the RMA
  8. 2 months so far for an RMA?

    Can anyone help here? Sent in my Seidon 120V for rma on Sept. 20. It took till Oct. 6 to get an email saying that the received it, and it was being sent to the warehouse for shipment. As of today (11/23) i still have not seen anything. I have left voicemails and sent emails and have not gotten anything returned. I do have the RMA# if an admin can pass it along.