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  1. If the startup is really a problem. BTW: Still waiting for the new firmware.. Is there a new ETA? And what issues are addressed in the new firmware?
  2. I got a similar problem, for me the mouse delays standby for about 20-30 seconds. Have you tried to forbid the mouse waking up the pc? Open "Device Manager", go to Mices and right click your mice. Then go to the energy tab and uncheck the checkbox.
  3. Any updates regarding the new firmware?
  4. Maybe, but I dont think so, I never reached 500dpi, with different mices I always got around the configured dpi. Have you guys actually tested this with your xornet 2? maybe it's the mouse pad or some settings with the mice? (firmware, lod)
  5. Looks like the xornet with v55 is a little bit faster than new xornet 2. (But it seems like I still got an upgrade, I played (pretty decent) with the higher delay for 3 yrs. :'D) Edit: I think you cannot really trust this tool in the range of milliseconds, variation seems pretty high.
  6. Dont know about v55, only know about v7* firmware versions. According to the firmware reader its running on v75. Where can I get v55? Then I will test the mices again.
  7. How can this be due to limitations of the tool, if it measures correctly with my old mice?
  8. Hello, has anyone with the new xornet2 tested the dpi? I am on Firmware 1.02 and have set my mouse to 500dpi, according to the software. But when testing my dpi, e.g. with this site: I get something around 450. My old xornet 1 gives me around 500, so this test seems to be correct? Testing with other dpis gives me same failures. eg 900 for 1000dpi. Could anyone else verify this? Thanks!
  9. I just tested with this tool using my old xornet 1 with my new xornet 2 with Firmware 1.02 I dont know if my old xornet1 is misconfigured, but I get better results with my xornet 2. (A is Xornet 2, B Xornet 1)