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  1. kyllo34

    CM NEPTON 280L pump not turning on?

    Hi all, It happened again to me yesterday and i felt no vibration from the pump and didnt hear anything. the cpu was getting hot pretty fast so i turned it off before i could get a read on the rpm. should i try a different header or drive it directly from the PSU?
  2. Hi all, I have a nepton 280l cooling system and occasionally when booting up ill hear the radiator fans spin up faster and faster. I checked the cpu temp and at idle it was at 46degrees and rising which caused the fans to spin up faster and faster. After restarting my pc it will start up normally. i have the radiator fans plugged into both of the cpu headers and the pump plugged into the system fan header. My suspicion is that the pump is intermittently failing. Any help on the diagnosis would be greatly appreciated. Andrew I7-5930K (stock) G-skill ripjaw ddr4 2133 GA-x99-UD4 motherboard GTX 980 SLI