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  1. Well, as far as the soldering goes, I don't really have any great secret other than 'get better at soldering'. That said, if you don't already have a solder gun with a 'thin tip and shaft', some 'magnification glasses', and one of those 'grip helper arms' - those may help. The 'good' new is that these days you can even print your own circuit boards if you manage to destroy the one you are working on [granted, that does up the project difficulty enormously...]. As far as looking for another one I wish you luck. Last time I checked, of the 2 I could find, 1 was in Canada (in-store pickup only), and the other was listed for $150...
  2. From what I learned, the model was discontinued around 2012-2013, and when I tried to RMA it (one mousewheel shaft broke...), they said they could not replace it and offered something that was completely different (not a bad mouse by any means, just not remotely the same). So we're probably all stuck as far as the Recon mouses go /sad. I'm working on 3D printing 'new parts' to fix mine. Also, I actually liked the 'loose wheel', if you are comfortable with soldering, you could try removing the current rotary encoder and replacing it - just an idea. *apparently CM does have a new ambi mouse "mastermouse pro L", no idea how 'good' it is compared to other options or how close it is to the Recon but it does exist (and I guess that makes it the defacto replacement).
  3. Just wondering if there is a way to see the exact 'Button Response Time' as is adjustable in the software program (other than knowing it is 3 / 11) aside from the minimum and maximum settings?
  4. I really liked this mouse so I'm trying to get another, but it seems all the suppliers are 'out'. Just wondering if this has officially been discontinued before I put more effort into looking for it (and if it has, could it be marked as such on the website).
  5. @CM Bram: sure, I'm using the Recon with the most up to date software package for it (added that into to the original post also).
  6. Hello everyone, I noticed that when using the "Default Profile" the led colors of the mouse change with each DPI setting change (Off, Red, Green, Blue). However when setting up my own custom profiles, I cannot duplicate this effect (I seem to only get 1 led color setting that applies to all DPI levels), so I was wondering if this is even possible or if I'm just using the software incorrectly. Any ideas are appreciated thank you for reading. -I'm using the Recon with the most up to date software.