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  1. thanks once again.... my temps now are 29 at idle and 57 when i max out..... but coolermaster if your reading this then please remind everyone of the correct fan allignment.
  2. thank youu everyone for your replies...I found my solution.... The guy who assembled my rig installed the fans upside down hence reversing the liquid circulation.....its a very small mistake but its worth to remember the correct positions whilst installng your fans.... thanks once agaiin ...................peace.....
  3. hey i reseated it and kept it on full speed and yet i get around 70 deg C on idle. please tell me what m i doing wrong... i even increased the max rpm in the smart advanced fan menu
  4. what should i do in gigabyte easy tune and can a tight screw really cause raise in temps? should i keep the screw a little loose?
  5. my motherboard is gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H.. my nepton 240m pump is connected via a 4 pin to the cpu_fan header.... in the bios the pwm value is set to 2.75 which is max.... my cpu temps are 90 degree c at idle 0-3% usage..... i do not have pwr_fan or opt_fan on the mobo...all i have is cpu_fan and sys_fan which both have max 2.75 pwm.... what the :) is going on I do not understand......... where else m i supposed to connect my pump????? my psu????? plz help guys i gotta finish my project asap......