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  1. thanks Mr. Miyagi the thing that threw me was the listing on the power not neg, pos or ground but PWRBT and PWRBT#. At the moment i have the white on the # and the positive on the PWRBT. fingers crossed. arranged the rest to have GRD or (-) to be black or white. appreciate the quick response
  2. ok, I have most of it worked out but need some help to finish up the connections. A diagram of this showing neg/pos/ground would have been sweet and saved alot of time. On the front panel connectors I have Power switch (blue/white wires), Power LED (green [+], white [-], HDD LED (orange/white), speaker (red/black) and Reset (green/black). can i assume that the black/white wires for any of these relate to the negative or ground wire for connecting to the complex pin-header of the motherboard? So anything listed on the mobo as either (-) or GND will get the white or black? I think I have them all worked out EXCEPT power - my motherboard (Soltek K8AN2E-GR) is listing the connectors to be PWRBT# and PWRBT. i have no idea which way to arrange the wires. Blue to PWRBT (what the :) does this mean anyways???) Considering that I am having alot of problems setting this board up, i am getting pretty nervous.