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  1. Ya you are probably right and I am slowly looking for a better heavier cooler. Too bad the store doesn't sell any and can't buy from another store (voids full warranty) Kind of messed up atm. I used the system in the summer for heavy rendering work for days and weeks on end and the cpu never went above 65C. We are talking about a FX-9590 on 5 Ghz and a 50 - 60 euro liquid cooler. Idle temps lower then 40C and normal usage never above 45C. So this is of course amazing feats for such a good affordable liquid cooler. ps I do have more extra fans on front etc. That helps a lot too. Greets
  2. Well people they cleaned the entire system, put WIndows 10 64 on it and put a new Seidon 120MM V2 on it too. With a nice blue LED. Not enough to really do the job but .. hey I got a free repair and new cooler for 0 so not complaining. I'm paying for a working product. Of course it drained over a span of 11 months. This means a minuscule crack. No actual liquid will hit the board. The cracks we are talking about are microscopic or really really small. It vaporizes instantly when it goes out. There is little risk to damaging parts esp the horror scenario you say. This is a closed loop factory sealed system. They are well designed in quality unlike custom liquid cooling which has no warranty and yes it can destroy your entire pc. I am not that rich and risky to do custom loop liquid cooling. I want full warranty on my rig if possible. Store said basically this was a faulty product but they seemed not to have much of a clue with making FX-9590 systems. 11 months is of course not really how a product should behave even on a FX. I have full warranty on my whole system for 1.1 years still, if anything happens to it, it's the store's problem. Even if my whole computer blows up. Only thing I am worried about is my working data to be honest. Thanks for support.
  3. Shipping to RMA takes longer because there is more pc's to be repaired before yours. This is obvious. So it can take a little longer. And also you don't want them to fix it and the last day hurry up and forget the last bits on the 'i' so to speak. It's better that something takes a bit longer and it's repaired well and you are good to go for years. Then get it back and after a week you see another problem. Have some patience, this of course has nothing to do with Cooler Master. Personally RMA of 11 or 8 days is extremely good. If the store I bought my computer in repais something it took 2 weeks. And if they send it to the main office it will take 3+ weeks. If they send it RMA? It will take more then 3-4 weeks. Maybe even a month of more cause I live in Europe. So why are you complaining? That is really fast 8 days. 2 weeks is even extremely fast. Everything will be fine it's better it takes a bit longer and system is fully repaired and in well working order. Hush hush repairs.... trust me you don't want that. MD
  4. Hello all technical post here, I have a fairly new system (10months) running on a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX 2.0 G3 the computer kept shutting itself down 2 weeks ago but everything green. (GPU, MOB) so of course I return to store knowing the problem is complex. Returned to store... they had a rough time figuring out what the problem was. Turns out the seidon was completely empty. Store says a small crack perhaps. :) This normal? Any reason for why this would happen and should I be worried? Or the seidon 120mm not enough for the fx? Is any cooler enough for it or should I move to antartica? :) Store fixed problem and I got new cooler in Seidon 120MM v2. so hopefully it will last longer? I am debating to upgrade anyhow so... this seems a issue in future perhaps. Greets any suggestions, help or advice is welcome! 1Thz