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  1. What is the point of life? :D

  2. I can only assume the Xornet 2 is not his priority because this is taking far too long. I hope the Spawn 2 that he is cooking up will address the Xornet 2's lackings (e.g. non centered sensor [THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE MAKING A CLAW OR FINGERTIP GRIP MOUSE], better sorted 20M sourced from Japan Omrons, optical scroll encoder/ALPS, 3360, non textured soft cable if not paracord)
  3. I believe the original Xornets are still available for sale on Amazon (atleast in US)
  4. I hope it solves problems without introducing new ones...
  5. We can't because there was never a flasher for it.
  6. I really wish there was a V1.00 firmware flasher. V1.00 seems to work best atm until a more optimal solution is available.
  7. Will it have standard bottomw row? It's actually a deal breaker for me because I want to use my PBT keycaps. Stock keycaps just feel too slippery for my taste.
  8. That would be waste of their time. They should focus more on fixing the sensor startup first. Credits go to trism from OCN: http://puu.sh/mJGiQ/6018e241a3.png
  9. Your switch is loose/broken. Try tightening the preload tension or replacing the switch. I recommend Omron D2F-01F switches.
  10. I wish they would. -Perfectly centered sensor -3360 sensor -Japanese sourced Omrons -ALPS encoder for scroll wheel -Paracord mouse cable -Circular mouse skates (perfect circles not roundish skates -Swappable ring finger and thumb rests
  11. Im most likely going to return mine and wait for the Spawn 2 (3360 hopefully?!?)
  12. @Pim is there a possibility we can have a flasher for the v1.00 firmware aka factory default while we wait for the fixed 1.03 firmware?
  13. Laser sensors may have issues with cloth mousepads. This is a known inherent issue of VCSEL sensors. Perhaps try using a plastic/aluminum/silicone pad?