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  1. well i solved the problem took me a matter of minutes to do what coolermaster wouldnt let me..sorry coolermaster
  2. oh i know only 7 colors which is fine,when i first plugged it in i could hit the button on the mouse and cycle through all 7 colors. now my only option is 2 colors and the software is uninstalled
  3. thanks for the reply..i just want to make a profile where i can manually cycle through the colors when i want too.. for instance, i thought i created a profile but when i went to manually cycle through the colors not all of them were available. hope that makes sense.
  4. first off i have never had to visit a forum with this issue at all so please bare with.just recieved the mouse today and installed software with no issues. this is replacing a steelseries mouse. what i need to know is how to create a profile where i can use all the colors/cycle through them to maybe show the colors off to friends while im at the desktop..not gaming..i have tried for over an hour to do this,i got to a point where i only had 1 color avaiable to use..if i open the software and click the button to cycle through the colors i can see on the software as the profiles change. i really want this mouse to work since it feels great in my hand and i also want to have full use of its features..if i cant get this figured out i am sending it back and advising my friend who just orderd one today to cancel his order,he has ADHD and i can just imagine how frustrating it will be for him..this is on a rig with windows 7..please advise FYI prior to this post i uninstalled the software to have a fresh start just like when i first plugged it in,i only have 2 colors available..when i first plugged it in i had all the colors..its like the mouse still see's the software...WOW is all i can say at this point..gues i better not get rid of my steelseries mouse just yet..