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  1. Looks sweet! I would be interested if i could get one here in The Netherlands.
  2. Looks cool, got more pictures from your build?
  3. Not me, i like those 5,25 bay's for display. If there wil be a larger version (Master case 7 pro?) with 4 bays i would buy it so i can fit a double 5,25 water cooling reservoir in in beside my display panel.
  4. Its the end of march, time to feed us some details.
  5. And you ask this in a "Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club" topic?
  6. Its proberly wiser to clean the dust off the dust filters. If you remove them you get more airflow but dust comes in too. So unless your pc is in a totaly dust free environment i would keep them on and clean them on a regular base.
  7. So there is going to be a 9, nice. Going to sell my house as im sure i can live in it
  8. What Carlito24 says and perhaps some more 5,25 spaces so it would fit an dual 5,25 reservoir for watercooling and an dual 5,25 front panel. So maybe a little bit bigger
  9. As far as i know (and correct me of i'm wrong) there is no out of the box universal product out there. The problem you have looks a bit like the chalange I had with my OC II panel. (look at my post in ) The way I eventualy fixed it for myself is bij making 2 this strips of metal with wich I fixated it to my DVD recorder. (making 1 unit of the DVD recorder and the OC II panel). Another way I thought of fixing this (but haven't used yet because I could not find an old/broke DVD unit) is to take the casing of a DVD/CD-ROM unit and cut it up so the OC II panel would fit inside it. The newly created unit can then just be fit into the quick lock system CM created. Manufacturers like CM could keep in mind when creating cases that there are components out there that only have the front holes and not the back ones, but on the other hand manufacturers from those components could make their components to have the right size so it fits any case locking system. Think both wil point to the other party to fix such a problem.
  10. We can conclude you can make it work and you can do it in more then one way. Be creative and share your solution so other owners can benefit from it.
  11. Tried it and made it work (had te tweak it a bit). Check my post with pics a few pages ago in this topic.
  12. Hope the Maker, 7, and or more things come out for the 5 (pro) soon so we can kit-out these systems more.