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  1. Patrick, I got the email at the beginning of the week! Just waiting on UPS to make the delivery. Thanks for the follow up. Brian
  2. Patrick, I was hoping to hear something this week but nothing about returning the Seidon. i hope they can get it out next week. I am trying to understand why it takes over a month to provide a warranty replacement for this?
  3. Patrick, thanks for a response. I have the computer back up with an air cooler, temporarily.. Water cooling does and has always done better than air. I look forward to getting this cooler back in my machine. Thanks
  4. I would like to know what the expected wait time is going to be to get my Seidon 120M returned. I received the receipt confirmation on 10/21/2015, I got the warehouse is busy notice email. I can understand that but how long do I have to keep my computer down waiting for this to return? The cooler lasted for about 11 months and has worked flawlessly till now, it runs 24/7 An email or a reply from Cooler Master would be nice. Thanks, Brian