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  1. thanks looking forward to purchase the M620 once its released
  2. lolz..silly me asking stupid Q anyway is the efficiency rating important? both aso written >80% typically but M620 lack the 80 plus badge? sorry for my noobness if i ask unnecessary question
  3. already released these new psu? looks very nice especially the modular but whats the differences? pro word is for non modular?
  4. 710!!!! awwww i wan it badly so good looking
  5. today 1st time i touch n feel the stacker 830 for the 1st time..awesome construction n feel but it look much bigger than in photos..but still far from i can afford
  6. mohammedtaha, wow great setup the front mesh with tow fans are awesome
  7. darn..tats sweet if u dun hav any pc parts to put in can send it to me anytime
  8. i wet myself looking at notoriousbig rig..the lcd den the stacker.. im such in envy
  9. here's mine..nth special no mods but emphasis on good cable management side with smd leds
  10. things must move on anyhow..CM cant sell the same case forever rite.. if u hav the original stacker..keep it..im keeping mine coz i love it
  11. i remove mine..give better flow of cool air for hdd since i stuff 3 hdd into the cage
  12. basically it will make stacker look like shopping trolley
  13. 7 total in my stacker 120mm for hdd 120mm exchaust 3*80mm for below part n top 120mm for cpu crossflow fan
  14. nice etchingn lovely effect