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  1. Hey Bram, Thank you for looking into this! Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  2. Hey, This question is mainly for anyone at CoolerMaster, but if anyone as info to help on this then fire away. I am looking to buy a new keyboard and I love the new CM Quickfire XTi, it looks perfect for me. My problem is that I cannot find this keyboard anywhere online (US market) in the brown switch version. Amazon and Newegg only show Blues on their sites, there isn't even a page for the brown switch version that shows it is out of stock. I can't even find its availability on CM's own shopping site. Maybe I am missing something, but I have seen reviews online of people who have the brown switch version, so I am almost sure it has been in production already. To me the switches are like 50% of what makes a keyboard, I love all of the other features on the XTi, but if I can't get it in a brown switch version I will have to buy some other brand of keyboard. Don't make me do that CM . Someone please let me know how I can throw money at the screen and have a CM Quickfire Xti Brown appear on my desk. Thanks guys.