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  1. just in case you were wondering if it fit
  2. hello just gona post this but if you guys want I can give u a blue print for my new one I used your cooler master liquid cooler made for cpu I attached it and actually mounted it to the back of a sli gtx 470 setup the way the radiator is placed it drops gpu temps by almost 20 degrees and ive built a second and third version that can do 4 cards with 4 separate heat sinks all to a single liquid base this was my proto type so thought I would share I'm still actually using it and asus gpu tweak and with this card I was able to hit a benchmark of 5002 on resident evil 6 benchmark test from steam fully maxed out dual monitors full hd at 144hrz where as with a stock cooler I was able to hit 2400. I'm currently building a new prototype to break the world record. not bad for a 5 year old card lol. tell me what u think or if anyone wants a prototype ive been hand building computers for 27 years and love ideas. CHEERS TO COOLER MASTER!