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  1. I described a similar problem with the Mizar here: http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php/topic/14173-cm-storm-mizar-double-triple-click-when-lowering-button-response-time/ What I found so far is it occures more, or at all when lowering the "button response time" (default 8ms). Default profile obviously resets this, maybe that's why it has fixed your problem. Have you modified the response time in the past?
  2. Doesn't seem to happen on the default 8ms, if I lower to the min or near there it misclicks.
  3. As title says, when lowering the button response time lower than the 8ms default I experience reproducible double or triple clicks (at least on left click) on about 15-20% of presses. 8ms works just fine. No spills, mouse is one and a half week old. Tried both firmware versions available. Thanks.