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  1. Philippe Daigle

    Sentinel Zero-G firmware update issues

    Problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really happy! I like my mouse and you helped me to get it all ready to play again! Thanks for the tips Bram! Really appreciated!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice week-end!!!!!!!!
  2. Philippe Daigle

    Sentinel Zero-G firmware update issues

    Thanks Bram! I really appreciate the effort! I'll wait!
  3. Philippe Daigle

    Sentinel Zero-G firmware update issues

    Hi! Thanks for the reply! Here's the link I used : I downloaded the files, choosed UpdateZeroG, and well, performed the update with something! The prob is that I don't remember the is possible that I made something wrong. I think I used StormOriginal.dxn...but not sure to be honest. Is there a way to make my computer detect it to reset it to the default firmware or is my mouse dead because of that? Thanks for the reply CM Bram!!!
  4. Hi all! New to the forum! Got a prob with my Zero-G. Got a new PC with windows 7 ultimate 64bits. Tried to upgrade the firmware. Bad idea! Now when i plug the mouse, nothing happen! Not detected by windows! A dim light emanate from the top centre and the 2 led in front of the mouse stay illuminated. Is it bricked??? I cannot run the application anymore since its not detected, and i cant réservation it by the tool for the same reason...any help will be appreciated! Thanks!!! Sorry for my bad english i don't speak english very well!