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  1. I ended up getting a cooler master v8 heatsink and used the retention bracket on my aquagate it only required a small modification to bracket to round out the middle of the square hole to fit over the aqua gates heat transfer face. so it is all sorted now and fitted onto my motherboard I have a phenom x4 and it runs at a spiffy 23 degrees at idle and 33 degrees at max load with the cooling fan at 30% with the cooling fan on 50% the fullload temp is 24 degrees I'm more than happy.
  2. it was rated for 50000 hrs of continuous running which is 290 weeks or 5 and a bit years my computer does not stay operational for all day every day a few hours per day at the most at a guess I expected it to last 10+ years and it has :-) it has been attached to a 65 watt lga775 core 2 extreme since they come out in 2007 up to 2009 I think where it was the replaced for a core 2 quad at 95watt I think I got it in 2006/7. I'm retiring my striker extreme motherboard in favour of a new amd motherboard and just want to fit it until I save up for a new one. so none of the newer models I can adapt their brackets to fit my aquagate onto am2/3 motherboard?
  3. Hi I'm looking for a cpu adaptor to mount my aquagate r120 to a am2/am3 motherboard. where would I get them from the included brackets do not suit this processor?