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  1. Nope, nothing at all. Weather temp is always around 25ºC I put a minimum of thermal paste, enough to cover the CPU area.
  2. Hello. I bought a Hyper 212x 09/25 and installed it in my PC the same day. My CPU temps used to be very high, reaching 80ºC at full. But then, using the Coolermaster cooler, it droped to 42ºC at full (I used Prime95 to test) and idle, from 29ºC-32ºC. Since one week, more or less, it has begining to rise a little bit. I mean, now, while on idle, it goes from 32ºC-36ºC. When navigating, it reaches until 39, sometimes arrives in 40. The strange thing is that, I tested with Prime95 again, and now, the maximum it goes is 47ºC. So, I suppose something wrong is goin' on. I'm not worried about the temperature, but with the fact that, if it rose, maybe it can keep rising in the future. I'd like to know if it's normal, I think the cooler needed some time to "adapt" itself to my PC, or something like that? Thank you in advance