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      Due to technical issues, the topic on "AM4 Socket Support" has disappeared. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we are trying our best to have this topic back up as soon as possible.   As we read in the topic, there is a lot of discussion going on when the new brackets will be arriving. We can tell you now that the brackets will be ready for pre-order on our CM Store EU tomorrow and will be ready for shipment around the 16th of May.   You can continue the discussion in this newly created topic:     

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  1. Project eknaw saylenshu

    Finally its done.... Heres the full specs and Final Photos from my Project "eknaw-saylenshu"i hope you like it.. thanks cooler master for the oppurtunity to join in the Casemod Series 2017 and goodluck to all participants.. #coolermaster #makeityours #msiph #pbsleevingworkz Specification Intel i5 6600 MSI B150M Night ELF MSI GTX950 Gaming 2X4G Gskill Ripjaw 4 DDR4 2133 Samsung 850 EVO 128 NZXT Sentry Mix Seasonic P660 Platinum Cooler Master Airmaker 8 Cooler Master Mastercase 5 Cooler Master Silencio PWM X4
  2. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    good job bro..goodluck
  3. Project eknaw saylenshu

    @Mohd Noh thanks @samca need to finish =) update
  4. Project eknaw saylenshu

  5. Project eknaw saylenshu

  6. Project eknaw saylenshu

    ^thanks bro heres my update shroud again from the back and left side using acyrlic
  7. Project eknaw saylenshu

  8. Project eknaw saylenshu

  9. Project eknaw saylenshu

  10. Project eknaw saylenshu

  11. Project eknaw saylenshu

  12. Project eknaw saylenshu

    ok i will start to mod gain. this is a deffective NZXT Sentry Mix given by a friend. the 6 sliding potentiometer is broken. Its function as a fan speed regulator is not working. so i went to the electronics store but cannot find the same actual size and value.. To solve the problem i decided to replace the sliding potentiometer with a rotary potentiometer. I also included some mod of this fan controller.
  13. Project eknaw saylenshu

  14. Project eknaw saylenshu

    next - Seasonic P660 PSU Sleeving FTW Black Sleeves
  15. Project eknaw saylenshu