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  1. Finally its done.... Heres the full specs and Final Photos from my Project "eknaw-saylenshu"i hope you like it.. thanks cooler master for the oppurtunity to join in the Casemod Series 2017 and goodluck to all participants.. #coolermaster #makeityours #msiph #pbsleevingworkz Specification Intel i5 6600 MSI B150M Night ELF MSI GTX950 Gaming 2X4G Gskill Ripjaw 4 DDR4 2133 Samsung 850 EVO 128 NZXT Sentry Mix Seasonic P660 Platinum Cooler Master Airmaker 8 Cooler Master Mastercase 5 Cooler Master Silencio PWM X4
  2. @Mohd Noh thanks @samca need to finish =) update
  3. ^thanks bro heres my update shroud again from the back and left side using acyrlic
  4. ok i will start to mod gain. this is a deffective NZXT Sentry Mix given by a friend. the 6 sliding potentiometer is broken. Its function as a fan speed regulator is not working. so i went to the electronics store but cannot find the same actual size and value.. To solve the problem i decided to replace the sliding potentiometer with a rotary potentiometer. I also included some mod of this fan controller.
  5. next - Seasonic P660 PSU Sleeving FTW Black Sleeves