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  1. Thanks for your input Maxime I did do that, plus I ran registry cleanup in Ccleaner and finished up by going through the registry manually to clean out references to the old (wrong) class guid and any references to the CM official drivers that were there. Then I installed the fixed drivers without any luck. Like I said earlier, this might be due to the fact that my PC (long) overdue for an overhaul. Problem with that is that I have a six month old baby in the house and no time to do a clean windows install properly . Therefore I sniffed up a workaround which is obviously not the ideal solution, but does give me the desired result of a fully working headset with a working equalizer for my PC. In case there are others out there with similar issues, I thought I'd share that workaround for their benefit. all the best, -G
  2. Unfortunately this did not work for me. (Might be partly because my PC is long overdue for a reinstall...) I did, however, find another solution bypassing the problem with the lack of official drivers. Windows 10's generic USB audio drivers work just fine, you get to set up your headset for 5.1 surround, and all functions on the USB audio unit are fully functional. All that is missing is an equalizer. I dug around the internet a bit and found EqualizerAPO, an open source equalizer that works on a system level, rather than through the device driver. It seems to work just fine without any noticeable performance impact. I know it's a workaround, but I hope it helps any others out there unable to get the proper drivers to work. Good night, and good luck -G