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  1. AIDA seems to get higher temps between 10-15° higher than other programs. Have done some testing with other programs, now benching with CPU-Z. AIDA says 80° - 83° RealTemp says 67° - 70° HWMonitor says 67° - 69° I think i in the end i SKIP aida not soo good a program anymore as before. HWM - vCore low: 0.770 V - High: 1.388 V. i DON'T recommend using or installing "Asus AI Suite" on a newer Asus MB, the program HIDE some things in HWmonitor and AIDA. I use the BIOS to steer my fans, not "Asus AI Suite"
  2. Nope, i let the Asus MB do it for me, have allways used standard speed on my MB before, but with this MB i tryed it, because the MB offer it. Even my old i7-4771K runs with standard speed.
  3. 1: Thanks for answer. 2: I don't know, because i use the BIOS to OC my MB (3 ways 2 do it, Stock, Tower and Water) Stock max.: 4.2GHz Tower max.: 4.4GHz Water max.: 4.6Ghz AIDA say (if u can use it) CPU VID: 0.788 V - VCCSA: 2-040 V (4.4GHz now) Test: (Have pictures) 4.2GHz: Low 22°, High 65° 4.6GHz: Low 22°, High 79° 4.6GHz Prime95: Low 22°, High 93° Soo i lowered my max. speed to 4.4GHz First time i ever use Watercooler new CPU and WC, used CM pasta, have some big trouble with cables (3 stick onboard - CPU, OPT and Watercooler) WC on watercooler, Fans on CPU, work fine, fans starts fast when over 55° (set in BIOS) Dont use BIOS setting for WC 3: Nepton 240M on top in Cosmos II, fans over radiator, blowing air out. Kindly TeBo.
  4. I have bought a new MB (Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1) and a i7-6700K 4GHz and with it a CM Nepton 240M. My question is, what is the max. temp. for watercooling a CPU, mine is approx 20-21° in idle and full load a peak at 80° in "Stress CPU" (CPU-Z v1.73.0.x64) i7-6700K (OC to 4.4GHz, have tryed 4.6GHz, giving ° on 5-10° higher) AIDA v5.50.3600 RealTemp v3.70 AIDA: idle 20-21° - load 80-81° RealTemp: idle 18-20° - load 66-67° Stopping stresstest, temp. drops in a sec. to <30°, with 4-4GHz, is this to warm?
  5. Have just bought Cosmos II (Wooooww, just LOVE this tower) But i have search CM for fans like "SCOUT II 120MM" but in blue led color, need at least 6 :-) Want to replace them in my Cosmos II, one in front, both i side where HD are, one backfan and replace both i top over my "CM Nepton 240M" my first water cooler ever, but the thing is i want to use CSII on/off led to. Have CM those fans?