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  1. Hi, I want to ask about Nepton 240M warranty in EU. In CM site it says 5 years but here in Bulgaria is 2 years in all shops.. Is the warranty different in different regions?
  2. Simeon

    6700k cooling

    Bulgaria. I have NZXT Tempest 410. On nzxt site compatibility says that i can't put it in my case, but it says that i can put H110i GT and dimensions are the same (Nepton is thicker). So if there is a problem it will be for few millimeters and i will mod my case.
  3. I am looking for water cooler for my CPU. I liked Nepton 280L, because it looks like is better than h110i GT. But its not available in my country since january, i don't know why. I like Nepton 240M too but i am not sure that it will perform closely to 280L... Please give me advice. Is 280L near EOL because of successor coming? I want to push my 6700k at least to 4.7 . I am currently with NH-D14 but cores are @ 70-85 degrees on Prime95 on STOCK!! ... Idle are 22, gaming 50-65. Also D14 is mounted properly i think.